So as you have noticed, Spoofy Randomness’s update schedule has been just about as irregular as an old man off of his fiber diet…  There’s a reason why I’m trying to wrap up the comic, and the main reason is it’s just too darn time-consuming.  Spring is chaos in general, but the last two weekends (the only time I really have time for the comic) have been occupied with my mother-in-law visiting in Colorado and work on the house, and I know I will be out camping with the Scouts this next weekend.  So, in short, don’t expect updates until Easter, but I’m hoping to push out several at that time (knock on wood) and, with a bit of luck, update semi-regularly after that (at least until I go to California and Pennsylvania in the same week…).  If push really comes to shove, you will get twice-a-week updates during the summer!