History and Info

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Proposed Changes

Overall, there is nothing major that needs to be changed.  In a perfect world, however, there are a few less important changes I would make.  N-9 swerves west before coming back east again; I would pave 591 Avenue north from Emerson and passing through Waterbury (replacing S-26A) to straighten it out.  In order to serve the communities of Allen and Martinsburg, I propose extending N-16 along N-9’s former alignment (the segment between Wakefield and Emerson would become solely N-35).

Another idea would be to extend N-9 south along current N-79, replacing it.  N-79’s northern terminus is only a few miles south of N-9’s southern terminus.  Extending south along N-275 and then west along N-91 would allow the two highways to be connected.  Being a single-digit highway, it feels like N-9 should have a bit more pomp, and this route may gain popularity as Lincoln expands westward.

Bucket List Status

I have only traveled the concurrency along N-35 between Emerson and Wakefield.

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