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Proposed Changes

N-7 does some really funky things.  Once it reaches U.S. 20, it winds several miles east before curving west again, even having a wrong-way concurrency with U.S. 183.  I propose that we eliminate a bit of this funkiness and also solve a weird short highway issue and route N-96 up along U.S. 183 before taking over the northern segment of N-7 from Bassett north.  N-7 would thus terminate at U.S. 20 in Ainsworth (alternatively, the remainder of old N-7 north could be paved to connect to N-12).

For the southern segment of N-7, I propose extending N-21 up from Broken Bow along N-2 and turning east on N-91 before replacing N-7 from Brewster to Ainsworth (or N-12 if desired).  Alternatively, N-21 could be routed up Victoria Springs Road from Merna, then head north on Milburn Road.  This would also change S-21A to L-21A and extend it slightly.  This would require some paving of Milburn Road, but would serve to service the town of Milburn, offer another alternative north through the Sandhills, and the road is already in good condition with gradual curves and well-serviced.  Conveniently, Milburn Road terminates at the southern terminus of N-7.

This of course leaves a gap on Nebraska’s numbering system.  I propose to extend K-7, a very major highway along eastern Kansas that oddly terminates at the Nebraska border, north to Rulo.  This is already a high-quality road and would only make sense given K-7’s significance.

Bucket List Status

I have not traveled N-7.

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