History and Info

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Proposed Changes

In order to maintain consistency with state highways, I would kindly ask Kansas to change K-63 to K-50 to maintain consistency.  They do not currently have a K-50, whereas we already have N-63, hence why I would request another state to change instead of change it ourselves.  This is the only significant suggestion I have; other minor suggestions include routing N-50 up 144th Street in Omaha to N-64, as Millard Ave is a rather crowded street and 144th Street can serve more people.  Plus, obviously Omaha doesn’t care that much about N-50 on Millard since there is no highway signage at its northern terminus!  A bypass around Syracuse would be pleasant but not absolutely necessary, and the NDOR would be my favorite people ever if they made N-50 an expressway between Springfield and Syracuse (or even Tecumseh!) as I traverse this often, but again, not really necessary (although extending the expressway to Louisville wouldn’t hurt).

Bucket List Status

I have traveled the entire length of N-50. Many times.

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