I have always been fascinated by roads and street signs. I have no idea why, but I would point out burnt out stoplights before I could even talk. Growing up in Lincoln, I would often organize “field trips” for Dad to drive me around to look at different roads, and as a result I gained a knowledge of the signage Lincoln uses to designate their roads that surpasses just about anyone (short of the person ordering them). Now that I’m back in Lincoln and practicing social distancing, I figured I’d put this knowledge down so that anyone else interested could learn (and now you know why I’m called Stretch, because the idea that anyone else cares about this obscure topic is definitely one). I divided these up into “eras”, lacking a better word. Because of the sheer logistical challenges of replacing EVERY street sign in Lincoln, many examples of older usage still appear, and so I set out to get a photo record of this.