Ref: Percy is short | Elf Nikki | Lord of the Necklaces reference

This commentary really has nothing to do with the comic above, but a general announcement that I’m rather excited about.  At the end of the next story arc, I will be putting Spoofy Randomness on hiatus for a month.  Why am I excited about this, you ask?  Because I will be working on developing a new comic, with the working title of On the Origin of Idiots.  My intention is to have this second comic be focused on a discussion of the ridiculous scientific misconceptions that our society has.  As such, the art is not the focus and it will likely just be a copy-pasted mashup, hence why I’ll be able to run two comics at once while still teaching and not go insane.

Oh hey, I colored elf-Nikki from Percy’s internal dialogue! There. Now this commentary relates to the comic at hand.