Ref: The headphones and hat left behind

I wanted to use a comedic effect to actually be applied realistically, so in this case I used the comedic “run away while leaving hat/headsets behind” and had it actually happen. I also like the effect of Panel 4. It has a good sense of doom.

Also, it came to my attention that this comic is the first time in an actual comic that Percy has been seen in the new hair drawing style (even though it’s practically entirely covered up). I’ve used it in splash pages before, as well as the recent bonus comic (which is where it was pointed out). I have been sketching him like this for over a month, but between the arc being focused on Nikki and Chris lately and the far-too-long hiatus, it hadn’t been shown yet. Jorocks also has a new hair drawing style.

Have fun!

~Stretch Longfellow~