So the reasons for the delays… I missed one comic (Thursday, May 12th) due to the graduation festivities of that week, and I planned to make it up that Friday when I had some free time. I boot up my computer, read my morning webcomics, and start typing up thank-you letters for a job interview when *poof* everything is gone. Computer is dead. After many choice words, I take it in to the college help desk, where they inform me that my motherboard is FRIED. I find out that despite Circuit City going out of business, the warranties are still good and I have just a couple weeks before it runs out (talk about a close call). I send it off to Texas, where it was to return in 10 days. On the 11th day, they shipped it back…meaning they hit Memorial Day weekend and it took a total of 15 days to return. When I got it back last week, I realized that my installation CD for my computer was at home and I was in the dorm, hence the further delay (and they wiped my hard drive; I’m glad I bought a backup external last fall!). Note that this long-winded story does not even cover all of the computer problems I’ve had since graduation…

Anyway, due to my frustration with computers this bonus comic was born. Not my usual quality by any means, but it’s a bonus comic. Not just any bonus comic, but one that takes place at Mad University, the location of one of my favorie webcomics (now defunct). In panel order, apologies to Teague Tysseling of Mad About U. for Cricket and the general setting, Pete Abrams of Sluggy Freelance for Riff and the laser cannon, Christopher Wright of Ubersoft for the Dark Lord of Ubersoft, Ryan Smith of Funny Farm for Emperor PC (and my joke about PC’s design being outdated. I don’t think an updated design would look nearly as awesome, by the way), and Jeff Darlington of General Protection Fault for Professor Wisebottom.

Have fun!

~Stretch Longfellow~