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And the tenth Spoofy Randomness story arc draws to a close! More on that later.

I realized that I had no explanation provided earlier as to why Percy said he was sooty on Monday, yet did not appear sooty. The answer, of course, is that he brushed off the extra soot as to not make a mess of Nikki’s house. His outfit is still a little sooty, just not as noticable.

What Percy did not mention to poor little Megan is that he is dating her sister. Surprise! It also appears that Nikki’s parents had a lot of fun painting their house in various colors.

This story arc should have looked a little familiar, as I based it off of the first Spoofy Randomness story ever written. I also took advantage of being on break and experimented with the possibility of a full-color comic. Unfortunately, while I do like having the comic in color it is a little too time consuming at this point, so future comics return to black-and-white.

Have a happy new year!

~Stretch Longfellow~