Lots of new stuff in this comic! For starters, I’m trying a new look with Percy’s glasses. Not exactly a drastic change, but I think this looks a little nicer. Also, as is apparent in panel 4, I am playing with Google Sketchup to make backgrounds of certain places. More places will get filled in as I find time to do so (PB&J’s is currently in the works). The Middle of Nowhere was a simpler design, so that’s why it got the honor of being my test run over more significant landscapes like the tower room or PB&J’s. The fact that it is in greyscale means something will likely change…

Also, the name “Middle of Nowhere” was inspired by the name of a bar in my town called “Someplace Else”. I thought “Middle of Nowhere” was a good name for a bar, but in order to use it in Spoofy Randomness, they obviously needed to serve something else besides alcohol. Neither myself nor my characters drink, so the grill part of the restaurant was added.

Have fun!

~Stretch Longfellow~