And things are getting interesting! I finally busted out the raincoats seen in the splash page; Chris is too cocky to wear one, but Nikki and Percy don’t care much for the wet stuff. For those unfamiliar with my vernacular, getting a ducking basically means that there wil be heavy rain.

Back in my early days of storm spotting, I had a partner my age who fulfilled a role similar to Percy. She would tell me what was going on where. The only trouble was that while I have a near-perfect mental map of my county, she was quite unfamiliar with all the small towns and side roads and often pointed me in the wrong direction. This resulted in quite a bit of confusion, and since then I’ve gone solo. I sometimes miss having my “eyes” (knowing what is on the radar), but I’m perfectly okay with staking out my spot and waiting to see what happens.

This comic was delayed by my loss of my inking pen and my spare being dry. Previous to this comic, I was using a fairly generic felt-tip pen for all of the comics; I finally went into the city and invested in five different weights of fine line markers. I’m going to be playing with line weights a lot coming up as a result; I’ve really enjoyed having these new pens already!

Have fun!

~Stretch Longfellow~