Oh snap. There’s more than one. By the way, I feel that I should point out that Chris’s car is just off to the side in Panel 3; that is where they are running to. Also, Nikki hadn’t seen the tornado until Panel 3; she just noticed the wind change and went to Chris’s expertise.

This comic is based off of a video I saw at my first Central Plains Severe Weather Symposium. Jeff Piotrowski had been filming one tornado when suddenly the wind shifted and he realized there was another one much closer behind him.

From an artistic point of view, there were two issues. One was Panel 4; I didn’t want to actually show the characters, just their headsets and Chris’s hat comedically flying off as they take off running, but it didn’t seem like enough. While my blowing dust at the bottom of the panel may not be the most artistic, I felt that it did at least fill in some white space, so I am satisfied with it. The other issue was whether to go greyscale on this comic. The problem with this arc is that it is supposed to be dark due to the storm and the fact that it is evening, but if I make the backgrounds black, then the tornado isn’t visible. I think it is fine to be black and white for this comic, but I think I’m going to be forced to switch soon…

Have fun!

~Stretch Longfellow~