Ref: Why Matt Smith is upset

This probably would have made its way into the main comic as a mini-arc if I was still updating three times a week.  I realized as I was writing the script for 2014 that Matt’s imitation of the Eleventh Doctor would no longer be immediately relevant, and he had a tradition of dressing as the new Doctor.  However, it was one thing to have him start to dress as Smith’s Doctor, but moving from an actor who shared his name to Capaldi would not be an easy transition for Matt.  Therefore, I decided to make him a brand new costume!  His costume is based mostly off of what I often wore as a DM when I was in college; a red sweatervest over a white V-neck sweatshirt and a navy suitcoat (I was mad stylin’, yo).  His hairstyle is also similar to mine in college, although longer as he still had his Matt Smith haircut.  (I briefly considered giving him my glasses too, but decided against it.)  At one point I had tossed around the idea of making a fake 12th Doctor trailer using that costume, but I never did.

Chris’s line at the beginning amuses me; remember that his costume is based somewhat off of the male protagonist from Pokémon Crystal (and at one point, Pokémon SoulSilver).  Obviously Sally does not watch Doctor Who; many people are confused as to what “companion” actually means if they have not seen the show.

Fun fact: you can actually make Matt’s new screwdriver (yesterday’s comic has a better shot of it) using this set.