Ref: HUAC | Architect

I meant to include an earlier reference to the fact that Jorocks’ major is architecture, but I’m not sure if that ever got mentioned before this story arc! I’ve known it since shortly after the comic started (about the time Percy and Nikki were discussing their majors), but I never actually stated it in the comic.

Jorocks amuses me a lot in this part of the arc; he is totally out of his element and lost. He hardly knows how he wound up in Russia, let alone in a room filled with the most powerful people in the country.  I enjoy drawing his expressions as he sits and listens to Percy address these people and they take him mostly seriously in regards to becoming Santa Claus, in Russian nonetheless.  Poor guy.

I had gotten about halfway done with the text for this strip (the last step) when I realized that Jorocks and John had no idea what was being said.  I toyed with a couple ideas, including John knowing Russian (an interesting character twist) and Percy translating for Jorocks, but I decided the translating would be redundant and monotonous. I couldn’t think of an easy way to mention the earpieces in their conversation, so I went with the blurb at the bottom.