Ref: Comic 100 (counting filler) | Comic 100 (not counting filler) | KLTZ News (with a different reporter)

Welcome to the 200th comic of Spoofy Randomness! It’s hard to believe I’ve lasted this long! And yes, that’s the 200th COMIC, so that does not include filler.  I included the filler 100th above because it was awesome (and the actual 100th doesn’t even mention it).

I feel like I should apologize for Jorocks’ sole line in this strip, but I’m pretty sure it’s federal law by this point that there has to be a “Hi Mom!” joke at some point when the news is involved.  So I was really just fulfilling my patriotic duty.

I did some sketches of Monica to practice drawing her, as I was having trouble with her hair.  I also spent a lot of time figuring out how to draw her skirt and legs, which I don’t have a lot of practice in.  When I went to actually draw the comic, however, I never wound up using that. Oops.

FYI, the building they are outside of is the Kremlin Senate building, as seen from above here.