Ref: Architect | Root Beer | Elves

The Dalton Highway and Deadhorse are actual places in Alaska, by the way. For once my random road trivia was useful!

Of all of the comics in this arc, this was oddly the hardest to come up with ideas for, despite Jorocks being one of my most often used characters.  I think it was because I had to come up with ideas for him to actually be professional…  I did enjoy hiding little fun things in this comic, such as the root beer reference and Jorocks’ actual name (that was meant to be revealed in Secret Life, but got cut…).  There’s another hidden joke; see if you can find it!

Fun fact: this is one of the few comics without Percy in it.

On an unrelated note, two weeks ago while driving to North Carolina, I wound up staying in the town of Santa Claus, Indiana. I thought that was appropriate given this comic.  🙂