Ref: Doctor Jorocks | Russian Jorocks

And now Jorocks’ outfit in the splash page for this arc comes true!  “Vanity” is actually a series of fashion stores in Russia, although I doubt if they carry some of those outfits.  I had a lot of fun coming up with the rhymes for Jorocks’ costumes; I went into it knowing I wanted a rhyme for “Doctor” to reuse that joke (and yes, proctor is the only thing I could come up with to rhyme that would make sense).  As a result, this comic EASILY breaks the record for the largest number of panels with eleven (I believe the previous record is six).  Coming up with appropriate color backgrounds was fun as well!

For a guy who wears the same T-shirt every day (well, multiples of that shirt, otherwise that would be gross), Jorocks sure has been seen in a variety of outfits.  He has also been seen expressing a taste for flowers, and this list would be woefully incomplete without mentioning the Santa suit again.

You may noticed that Percy’s hair is a bit lighter in this comic compared to last week’s.  Not sure where I pulled last week’s colors from, but this is the correct coloration.  And none of you would have noticed that error had I not said anything…