A lovely insight into a Christmas at Greenpath. FYI, they are playing “Pitchfork 3”, which obviously is a Halo parody. There are some slight differences from the real life version of this game. The most obvious of which is the helmets. Less protection, but I wanted it clear that it was Jorocks and Percy. Another difference is that vehicles have different names. The Warthog is now the Puma, for example. You get bonus points if you know why. Other differences may become apparent if this game shows up again, and I have a few other parodies in mind.

This comic posed several problems to me. The first was that I really struggled with drawing the Puma, particularly that gun. My art is fairly simple and often lacks props, so it posed problems. The other problem is one that those of you who read this comic on a regular basis would have noticed: My internet at home is not as stable as the one at my dorm, and it must have disconnected before the entire comic had sent, despite giving me a completion notice. Thus, come Monday morning it was only half there and I had to reload it. But all is good now.

Have fun!

~Stretch Longfellow~