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If you’re feeling jipped of my quality artwork this week (I heard that cough!), FEAR NOT! My plan is to update twice this week; this is a bonus strip. I had the next strip all planned out, then this exchange popped into my head.  It started with the conversation in Panel 3 and grew from there until I knew I could not ignore it. With only having time to update once a week, I felt that it would hinder the movement of the plot too much, but then I realized I could keep it really simple since it would be after lights out (hence the lack of artwork in today’s strip) and give a second strip in the same week! It’s two for one, THAT’S A GREAT DEAL!

…Granted, y’all are getting comics for free, so you still get the same that you pay for because anything multiplied by 0 is still 0. Y’know what? I’m going to shut up now.