While I don’t have any special birthday art to share with you this time around (I planned to, but then the school year started and…yeah…), I do have an important announcement regarding the future of this site! TOMORROW BEGINS A NEW SERIES! (I can already hear the cheers from here! At least, that’s what I hope I’m hearing.) I’m not going to reveal anything more until tomorrow, sorry.

…Okay, I’ll reveal two things. The title of the new series will be Spoofy Randomness: Baloney, and it’s probably the truest to the site name of any of the series I’ve done.

While the last year of this site hasn’t been anything too spectacular (partly due to the end of Not on a Camel, and partly due to working from home meaning I didn’t want to sit at a computer), I do want to point out that I did a full writeup on the history of Lincoln street signs, in case you missed it. Riveting stuff.

I’m continuing to work on some behind the scenes stuff on the site; I was hoping to have everything good to go and banners updated for the launch of SR: Baloney but I just ran out of time. If you see something broken, drop me an email or send me a tweet!