Happy Easter! In lieu of a comic, let me treat you to a bad Easter joke instead: if bread is the body of Christ and He has risen, does that mean He ate some yeast and took a warm bath? He was ahead of His time; unleavened bread was all the rage back then.

…I can imagine Chris’s glare boring into my soul.

So, this being Easter break, I figured I could get the comic back up to speed. A few mouse problems here (now fixed; it helps to have batteries that aren’t dying, it turns out), a few other obligations there, a few distractions everywhere (the new levels of Doctor Who: Legacy are good at this), and the fact that I have to get EVERYTHING ready to go for the rest of the semester means that didn’t happen.  And given that I am going to be on the road (well, air, as I’m unfortunately not driving) throughout the first full week of May in preparation for Japan, as well as my sister’s college graduation, updates are still gonna be lacking.  I also have some other things in my life that need to get sorted out that are demanding my attention at the moment.

HOWEVER, I still intend to finish the comic on August 31st (believe me, no one is more frustrated than I that we are SO CLOSE to being done and yet the real world keeps interfering…).  So my goal is to work on the comic as much as I can between now and summer vacation, and starting May 26th, Spoofy Randomness will update THREE TIMES TWICE A WEEK until the final comic.  Yes, you read that right, three times twice a week.  I may even start earlier than that if I get a good enough buffer made between now and then.  I think this is a reasonable goal, even with my upcoming travels, and it will eliminate a lot of the immediate stress of the end of the schoolyear for me while still allowing me to finish the comic.