So you’ve probably noticed that my update schedule over the last few months has been erratic.  After my computer had that little disagreement with the art program, I was attempting to get caught up again by filling in the gaps.  This had the downside of having to make two or more comics a week.  That…doesn’t work.  My average workweek lately has been around 55-60 hours.  I tell you this not as a sympathy plea, as I’m doing what I love (teaching), but so you understand that no, I don’t have the time to make multiple comics in one week if I want to keep up at my job as well as be a husband, keep up with REAL WORLD stuff (yuck) and be a servant to my spoiled kitty.  My goal was to get caught up by March, as that’s when life gets even crazier…that ain’t happening.  So I’m just pushing my script off a month, meaning no February updates.  The comic will update regularly starting in March.  I figure if I wind up really wanting the script I dropped from the finale, I can always update twice a week in the summer, when I have MUCH less in the way of obligations.

See you next weekend!