Water. Holy crap, all the water problems. And people, THEY AIN’T OVER YET.

My list of things that have broken in this apartment is up to 15, and almost all of them are water-related. This is a large part of why comics keep getting posted late; I’ve been here for almost six weeks now and I have not had a day where everything works. I have not had a week without someone coming to fix something. And blimey, that gets tiring. I’ll publish the list later.

The title is a homage to my roommate from college James (who is actually on my side of the world studying in Glasgow!), who did an interterm in Egypt and was VERY INSISTENT that I not drink the water here.  It’s good advice, although I did buy a filter for my apartment so that I can cut back on plastic bottle waste and it has worked fine. I wouldn’t try it sans filter, though, ESPECIALLY NOT RIGHT NOW. My water has been chunky.

Marwan makes a very belated appearance here (he was supposed to appear in a comic about my water heater erupting last year, but I never made it). He is our supply man for AIA, but also is a quite skilled handyman and frequently helps out in the foreign teachers’ apartments. The poor man is VERY familiar with mine by now…

Once I realized I’d be drawing myself in my PJs, I couldn’t resist drawing my awful tan lines in this one. Additionally, I think this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to the comic webcomic trope of ‘fan service’ in NoaC.  Given that this comic is somewhat narcissistically about me, let’s never speak of fan service again, okay? (Fun fact, at one point during OtOoSC, I considered drawing pinups of some of the characters. This never actually happened. Probably for the best.)

I don’t know that the next comic will be the ‘TO BE CONTINUED’ comic; I don’t want to constantly dwell on this as I do have other material that is a little happier, so I will post the second one once the problems are solved.