The first of the Siwa comics! Decided I wanted to do something with my fall break besides work, and had been recommended by a friend (Kristen) who did her Fulbright in Cairo to go to Siwa. Then I found out Carole and Sarah were going and boom, it all worked. And Carole was a HUGE help in helping us line up activities and figuring out where to go.

I have had not good experiences with buses. When I was detasseling in college, I had a similar legroom problem on the school buses we took to and from the field and wound up having to wear a knee brace for two months. I also decided to take a bus to St. Paul instead of driving to be on stage crew (there were some last minute decisions involving Doane College saying they would pay for gas and excuse my classes, then withdrawing at the last minute). Similar situation of traveling at night, and slept about as much, as in very little.  (This also happened at that time.)

And for those of you who think I may be exaggerating for the sake of comedy…

Luckily, a shorter person was kind enough to switch seats. Eight hours like that would not have been good.