The last of the Sister Visit series!

While I may have gotten acclimated to prices in Alex, I am not normally in touristy areas. I definitely got thrown for several loops as Wendy and I traveled.  Thankfully in this case, I did manage to barter down to $40 (for some reason, I had two $20 bills in my wallet), which was still more than Alex but based on later conversations was reasonable for that area.  This is one reason why I prefer Uber because rates are set (most taxis will not use meters), but Uber isn’t in Hurghada…

The other thing that surprised me is most places were surprised I had Egyptian pounds.  Apparently most people use US dollars, British pounds, or euros and don’t bother converting while on holiday.  The shops and hotels love it, because those are more stable currencies.

Technically, this occurred before the previous strip, as it was actually when we landed from the airport. It fit better narratively here.