Wendy and I went out to Hurghada (and Safaga kind of by accident, more on that next week) and went scuba diving in the Red Sea.  I did enjoy it, but it’s not something I can see myself making a habit of.  It’s a lot of hassle to get to a situation where my breathing is controlled and I have to get wet, two things I’m not overly fond of.  But it was really neat to see all the coral and fish!  The little guy in Panel 4 was our favorite, it is a Klunzinger’s wrasse that is only found in the Red Sea.

Wendy really did use her camera screen to see. Neither one of us thought about the glasses issue (and we both wear them…). My vision is passable without, so I didn’t have any trouble, but she would have been quite disappointed had she not had her waterproof camera.

I’m satisfied with how the backgrounds turned out in this one, which is good given this comic took over twice as long as normal. I probably could have done more, but I’ve also been putting Douglas Adams to shame in regards to deadlines, so…

Any allegations that I have too much fun drawing funky hair are just plain silly.