It’s kind of Halloween-themed this week!

Shout out to Bamboo! The sweetest little Indonesian lady runs it, and they have the best spring rolls ANYWHERE. And yes, they have a little Christmas tree up. I don’t know why. Coincidentally, two more months until Christmas. Didn’t plan it that way, but cool.

Cameos of Joe, who has helped me figure out a lot of tricks to living here, and my boab Saheed (a boab is like a doorman, but also looks after the building, runs errands, etc).

I don’t know if not meeting your landlord/lady is normally a thing; I’ve only rented one apartment before, and the school handles most of this one, so…  I just find it a little odd.  I’m sure she is a wonderful lady and not planning on taking over Kafr Abdo…I think…

Everyone seems to keep their shutters closed on their windows.  I mean, yeah, it blocks sunlight to reduce AC usage during the hot months, and I close mine when I’m gone and at night because I’m on the ground floor (while I’m in a good part of town, I still don’t want to invite thieves), but I love daylight and this just blows my mind.

The water heater thing may come up in a later comic, so I’ll hold off on that story for now.  If you’re following my Twitter feed, you’ve seen a bit of it. It is now day five since I’ve had a hot shower. @#$%&. Here’s hoping there’s not a similar post next week.

Edit: fixed speech bubble in panel 1