After my students got over the whole “going to Egypt” and “wait, so you’re not going to be here forever?”, this is pretty much what happened.  Each one of those questions actually happened in some form, and not all from students.  It made me want to write up a sheet of “yes, I’m going to Egypt and here are the answers to your questions” to hand out.

I couldn’t resist drawing Percy on my whiteboard there.  I do draw my characters on the board every once in a while. Also, note to self as I went back and colored comics once I got here (this was made before I left), NEVER put a whiteboard as a background…  I probably could have spiced up that background a little more, but still…

Adjusted the font size to be a little smaller. I think I like it better. I also had decided not to make a comic showing me actually getting the job (it was pretty obvious I did, given this comic, and there wasn’t really much to say), but I knew as soon as I moved past the previous comic, someone would comment about it.

Getting settled here in Alex. Been working on preparing for the school year. School starts in less than a week!

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