Ref: Not the first time Pokémon has been referenced | Or the second | And there was this whole arc

I’ve only ever seen three other people playing since I’ve been here (counting the boab with the two phones), even on Community Days.  I know there’s other players because my gyms do get taken, but they are either really stealthy or spoof locations.

The hacker I allude to in panel 4 had a program that I would actually be very impressed by had it not involved, y’know, hacking.  The program would actually have the character walk to each gym (or at least a time delay) as soon as it was taken and would automatically fight it and take it back, always depositing the exact same Pokémon per gym.  This was really annoying as I had a hard time ranking up the gyms closest to my old apartment, but eventually he felt the wrath of the ban hammer.

In reference to panel 6, I had a hunch this was happening but I had never actually seen it until last weekend.  Went for a level 3 raid (the highest I can do on my own) and noticed two other accounts joined me.  Surprised, I looked around, and saw no one except the boab of the nearby apartment.  Then I realized he was tapping away at two phones, and I realized to my amusement what was going on.

One thing I didn’t mention in this comic is my favorite feature of Pokémon GO: the map that tracks all the gyms you’ve been to.  This has been quite fun for me (shocker, I know), and I’ve earned badges in six countries so far (USA, Canada, Egypt, UAE, Switzerland, Germany, but alas Turkey’s IST airport gyms are on the other side of security…).  My favorite in Egypt is the gold gym I have from my trip to Siwa; it’s probably one of the most remote locations of any gym.

Also, Alex is about 20 miles too far north for Corsola to appear.  🙁  I did get one when I was in Abu Dhabi and a few more when I happened to be in Switzerland during day it was released across Europe, and they can be found along the Red Sea in Egypt, which is why I included it in this comic.

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