Apologies to whomever from the school who picked me up at the airport; I have no idea who you were.  I was kinda out of it.  But yeah, this was my reaction to my apartment.  It was a bit of an overexaggeration, but I was expecting a quite small one-bedroom apartment and this place is not much smaller than the first floor of my old house, and it’s the smallest apartment in the building. So yeah, bigger than I expected. Fancy entrances are also a thing here. I think that’s pretty awesome. It shows that the owners have pride in the building and whatnot.

Sherif makes his first appearance! I won’t say too much more about him because I know he’s going to show up later, but he gets awesome points for showing me around the next day even when I was still coming off of the panic episode and was not feeling well at all.

And yeah, no box springs, so when I first sat on the bed there was an audible THUD. I did wind up sleeping on the couch the first few nights, but that was more because there was air flow in the living room than the bed itself. Once I bought a fan, I can sleep surprisingly well on that bed despite its solidness.

I meant to invert Panel 2; for some reason when I was drawing it I was convinced I had the side of the car and road correct. NOPE. And then I forgot to invert it. Although to be fair, the van driving on the wrong side of the road isn’t too unrealistic… The black and yellow car is a taxi; they are VERY noticeable!