Ref: Teach Away | International Schools Review

Shortly after making this comic, Mina (in the first panel) contacted me about an Alexandrian Pokémon GO group just starting up. Been hanging around with this lot every week since; great group of blokes who put up with my American quirks (I’m the only foreigner) and translate for me. Monsef is the cameo in panel 2 is a doctor and one of our little merry band of trainers. GO is not always very considerate of the Middle East, what with events landing during iftar and some ‘weekend events’ being on Sundays.

AIA, like probably every other school, has had its high and low points. One of those involved the government shutting down all church-based villa schools. AIA was eventually able to get an exemption, but needless to say in the time where everything was in limbo, there was a lot of discontentment. Not gonna lie, if I had seen those reviews before arriving I probably wouldn’t have come, so take them with a grain of salt. That being said, not all reviews are negative and they can give a good view of the school.

Also, I have a rubber mallet. This makes me happy.