Ref: Borg El Arab

Just throwing this out there: vocalizing the written word in a written comic is HARD.

Also throwing this out there: porgs are adorable. As soon as I saw the sign for Porg El Arab, I knew what I had to do.

You may have noticed that I’ve been putting more panels in recent comics.  While it started by accident because I wanted to cram two strips into one to finish before Ramadan, I’ve been happier with the look this way. It may not be around for all comics, but for this one it works.

The street signs in Panel 4 do exist (slightly further apart, as there’s a tram line between them). Yes, it’s the same street name.  That is also what the new Egyptian street signs look like, if you were curious. They have Arabic on them as well, but it turns out ClipStudio does NOT like Arabic (which is problematic for a strip like this one).

The narrator of my comic has been getting a lot of work done. Just don’t tell him I noticed or I’ll have to give him a raise. (You should give him a raise on my Patreon.)  And don’t have him ask me how my Arabic lessons are going!