And the exciting(?) climax to my saga at Dumb Pokémon Comics!

I had a blast drawing Louis and Pi’s comic, and I enjoyed Louis’s contributions to my own comic.

Anyway, the comic commentary. That’s my full team, a Castform, Regigigas, shiny Linoone (yes, I actually have one in-game), and of course, Togetic.  When I was asked what type of Gym Leader I would be, I figured I would go for Normal, as there’s a lot of bizarre and interesting strategies with that type.

These last two comics were quickly sketched before I left for St. Paul Tuesday night and edited in my hotel, complete with iffy Internet. Somehow, miracles of miracles, I managed to produce 5 comics for one week, even with being on the road. Spoofy Randomness readers, this is not, I repeat, NOT a precedent to go by!

You can tell that this strip is a bit dated, as I have now been around for over four years and have built up a small fanbase that I hope will continue to grow. (You guys are awesome, by the way.)  Alas, DPC never made it past 40 comics, but maybe if you all go over and read Louis and Pi’s stuff they’ll make a few more!

Just for fun: every Stretch cameo in DPC:

I went to White Castle (and did not understand the hype)

Not me, but my Togetic

More cupcakes for Stretch

Freaking Zubats (and Togetic evolved!)

As my roommate put it, I was THE bad influence when it came to Pokémon

Now for epic sugar crash.