Yep, still alive.

A couple random updates that are unrelated to each other.

1) At some point in the vague future, I am hoping to put together an updated version of the Road Signs article I wrote and open up a web store to purchase a digital copy. When doing so, I also hope to put together PDF copies of OtOoSC, NoaC, Scouting, and Baloney to throw on there as well. No idea when this will happen (I was actually aiming for last summer, ha!), but keep watching!

2) I am going to disable comments on this site. All I get any more are Russian spammers (John Whitebucket has OPINIONS on this matter). You can always shoot me a message via email or Facebook.

3) The main reason #1 hasn’t happened yet (besides having an infant) is that my wife and I have been working hard to get our lavender business off the ground. We had our first harvest this year (lavender shouldn’t be harvested until the third year; it requires PATIENCE), and we finally have products! You can check us out at