True story. We went five stops after smoke started coming out from under the tram before they finally called it quits and we had to walk from Mostafa Kamel instead of our usual stop in Roushdy (added about a half mile, so not horrible).

The oldest carriages are from 1975, and they haven’t updated any of them in over twenty years with the exception of the ‘tourist tram’ added in 2009 (5 LE, I haven’t ridden it yet but it is a little more luxurious), so it’s not hard to believe it’s the oldest tram system on the continent.  I haven’t tried the downtown trams yet as the routes are a bit confusing (and I haven’t had much need to go there).  It is, however, a very cheap way to get within walking distance of almost anywhere and I really don’t mind them (so long as they don’t break down). Cliff and I take it home every day, and my horribly failed New Years’ Resolution is to get moving fast enough in mornings to take it as well instead of Uber. Convincing myself to walk a half mile to the station early in the morning hasn’t gone well…

And yes, people do ride on the back coupling.

With thanks to Maximilian Dörrbecker for the tram map.