So in the past six weeks since returning, the following has broken or was broken before I got back:

  1. Fridge leaking (‘repaired’ four times by the boab’s son before we called the fridge company)
  2. Washing machine filling with water (three times)
  3. Sink in kitchen unable to hold water
  4. Washing machine not able to pull in enough water to complete washing cycle even with pump on
  5. Water pump broke
  6. Bathroom sink faucet clogged
  7. Shower head clogged (twice)
  8. Light fixture in kitchen caught fire
  9. Toilet not refilling with water (two separate issues)
  10. Hose by toilet had no water
  11. Faucet in cleaning room broken (it was REALLY stuck, which is how Marwan accidentally broke it)
  12. Sink drain in cleaning room leaking badly (this was fun when we couldn’t shut off water due to above)
  13. Water valve for water heater leaking
  14. Electrical box in unsafe position under water heater
  15. Ceiling fan not working
  16. Vaporizer not working

Thankfully, I have FINALLY reached the point where I think all but the last two are fixed, and I already knew about the fan and that probably won’t get fixed. The vaporizer I’ll probably just order a new one.  Marwan gets a lot of credit for all of his help!