Second Siwa comic! Yeah, a desert safari was not what I imagined. Less admiring the scenery, more hoping we don’t flip over it. It was fun though! Like an extreme roller coaster without the usual physics keeping you safe.

…My mother isn’t gonna like that explanation, is she? But yes, lots of fun, although I was still overcoming a bit of motion sickness from the bus ride and this didn’t exactly ease it.

Kristen also recommended the camping trip, which Carole was planning for the night Sarah and I were planning on heading back.  Thankfully, we were able to reschedule it to the night before we left.  That was amazing, sleeping out under the stars.  You can’t really see stars in Alex, and I decided to sleep with my glasses on.  This meant when I woke up in the middle of the night, I woke up to seeing all the stars–wow.

Comic ran late because on the way back, picked up a nasty cold that stuck with me for almost two weeks. I think this will be the last Siwa comic, but we did lots more exploring, including up ‘Death Mountain’ and around all the shops.  Not many comic-worthy events, though.