Happy New Year! Okay, done with fog comics. But it did help me get caught back up! End of term was a little more hectic than I would have liked (partly due to razzum frazzum grade report issues and partly due to Turkey issues).

Moustafa gets all the awesome points for putting up with this chaos without complaint.  It got further complicated by the fact that both of our phones died (weak cell signal at the airport…) and he also had to bring his fiancée to the airport (and should have been spending the day with her instead of stuck at an airport with me), so when we realized that those waiting to depart had been taken to a hotel, we figured we should have some time to run back to Alex, get Sarah and power, and head back hopefully before Wendy landed. Moustafa took Sarah to the arrivals and I ran over to the departures just as people started coming out of the airport. Success!