Ref: Turkey

When I tried to fly out of Frankfurt, I discovered that I had a hold put on my plane ticket (thankfully arrived 2 and a half hours early). A representative from the American Consulate had to help me get that cleared, and apparently it was because I had spent time in Egypt and any activity in the Middle East is suspect (note: PERFECTLY LEGAL FOR ME TO BE THERE, THANK YOU), and then I had to sprint to make my plane. I then got flagged at both security and customs for supposedly ‘random’ checks.  Hmm.

Now, both may have been issues without Trump (I will grudgingly admit that it sounds like Turkey started it), but his policies have increased such issues.

As for my stance, let me put it this way: I come back for good in a year. Please have America figured out by then. Thank you.

Also, the fact that ‘Make Egypt Great Again’ spells MEGA amused me…and then my brain tried to imagine a Mega Trump like the Mega Evolutions in Pokémon. Yikes.