I have not figured out this one at all. If it’s the same time every year, why does it always take forever to call it off? It’s not just Revolution Day that this happens with, it’s most holidays.

Changed the format of the comic slightly, as you may have noticed. One of my favorite aspects of the Sunday funnies was the ‘throwaway panel’, where the cartoonist would put something that wasn’t necessary for the plot, as some newspapers would cut that line of panels. Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes) in particular was quite skilled at using this space for quick jokes, so I decided to imitate it. Never mind the fact that the strip comes out on Wednesday and never in a newspaper.

And the other Cliff makes his first appearance! He is the principal of AIA starting this year. Unlike John who had a few years’ experience, Cliff is new to the Middle East, which is kind of fun as he is figuring out the local customs right alongside us. Also, what are the odds that we would have to people named Cliff working at the same small school?

Should have a couple comics from my parents’ visit in the coming weeks.