I mentioned in a previous commentary about the water heater. Working on grading and I am IN THE ZONE, when all of a sudden loud banging and popping comes from my bathroom.  I go in, and the entire top of the water heater pops off and boiling hot water starts gushing out.  Of course, the shutoff is BEHIND the boiling water.  Finally get everything shut off and call Ahmed from the school (he handles all the apartment stuff).  However, it took a week (and poor Ahmed calling daily) to get a new water heater–the school wound up buying one and then took the cost out of the rent–which meant that I had a week of cold showers.  UGH.

Souq is definitely an oddity.  It has a lot, but a lot of it is novelty versions of essential things.  My first experience was when I couldn’t find, of all things, a drain plug for my sink.  I found one…with a little hand coming out of the drain.  Hey, it works.  And now I have a shower head with alternating LED lights.

Apparently now it’s tradition for expat teachers to draw themselves naked for the first time in their comic? Two counts as tradition, right?

And yay, Meagan’s back in the comic! She should show up more.  We have been able to use Google Hangouts almost every week, which has been nice, and of course we talk fairly non-stop (when we’re both awake at the same time) on WhatsApp.  Yay technology!